Europe so far …

I write this as we stand in line for the Palace of Versailles. Cursing slightly at the fact I was Going to buy tickets early and we were Meant to be here at 9am to avoid the queues. The queue that at 10.22am already spans 3 lines deep, we are about 100m in. Ahh well gives me time to write this :)

Day 2 in Paris and I remember why I love it so! We are very lucky with our quaint apartment. Small but not box like, and situated just behind the Notre Dame with a view of the river Seine. It has everything except working water (this is sorted now) and toilet paper (also sorted).

Day 1 was quite an adventure. After sussing the train system, dodging gypsy tricks and getting us to our apartment dragging Cathy my sister behind me (hurry up!), we dragged our suitcases up 96 stairs - what better way to wake yourself up after a long flight from Melbourne. We got the keys from Gregory our apartment manager and set off to view the city. A quick run back up and down the 96 stairs to grab a jumper as Paris was a chilly 12 degrees when we landed, was a reminder to check we have Everything before leaving the apartment. 10 minutes later and literally 1 minute after telling my sister not to talk to strangers, we were experiencing first hand the French male charm and having coffee with 2 delightful French firemen ­čśë. After an entertaining conversation of trying to understand their muddled French (mum why didn’t you make me take French at school??) and interruptions from other spunky firemen (It seems they were skiving of work to have coffee with us) we trotted off to take a bus tour.

First stop was the tour de Eiffel. We managed 20 steps off the bus before we heard a big bang! Cathy freaked out and wanted to run for cover. I was more intrigued. Turns out there was stricke turn mini riot and noone was allowed up the tower for obvious reasons. So to the Champs de Elysees it was instead! For for the first time in my life I think my sister out shopped me though it’s always fun being a fashion advisor. We finished the bus loop which included seeing the Arc de Triomphe and the ‘love padlock bridge’ though my highlight was seeing some of the craziest driving around. 7.30pm and peak hour traffic, and it was absolute controlled chaos. Not one horn honked even though I saw a bus squeeze through a gap the size of a mouse and hold up 3 separate streets of traffic. (See picture).

Day 2. The palace if Versailles is mammoth. The lines are worse than America and the food expensive for an average to say the least meal but the palace is very majestic. Imagine living there! “Hang on darling I just need to get some socks/pantyhose), i’ll be back in 45 minutes”. The secret doorways and halls would have made it fun. I find it very interesting how separate the king and queen lived yet so publiclly. Petit Trianon was absolutely devine. I could sit in the gardens overlooking the canal every day. This canal took 2000 men 11 years to build. We very much enjoyed basking in the sun, licking our ice creams and looking at their handyman work.

The return home saw us walk along our neighbouring st. At 7.22pm everything is of course still open. We stocked up on chocoláte, fromagere with bread and croissants. By we I mean me. We learnt that Marche Franprix means supermarket and that they are shit

Tomorrow we must try an espresso. Cathy does not understand why they drink it like that. But you can see the disdain in their eyes when you request an ‘American coffee’, with sugar *gasp*. They have coffee standing at the counter with their little cup. Sip, quick chat and go. Voil├á.

I like Paris. I like the city. I like the vibe. I like the well dressed ladies and gentleman. No bogans. Not once have I seen track pants. The daggy dressed people are tourists. They are understated. They command attention.

That’s all for now. Let’s see how this blog thing goes. Xx